Your Ultimate Guide to Online Lotteries in Africa

Introduction to Lotteries

The pandemic came with a share of woes, crippling almost all sectors including the gaming industry worldwide. All land-based lotteries had to close down to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations. I.e. Stay at home and social distancing.

With people running short of on-land lottery options, followed by a lack of job opportunities, they're now turning to online lotteries to make money.

If you're new to playing lotteries or just want to get deep into it, you're at the perfect place to learn all about playing African lotteries.

Continue reading to understand everything about the regulations on playing lotteries in Africa and more:

Safety and Regulations of African Lotteries

The African continent features numerous countries. Each of these countries has its unique gambling regulations. Since these laws vary from country to country, it makes it difficult to talk about African online lotteries.

However, we will try our best to show some popular online lotto games in Africa. For instance, lotto games are legal in Nigeria, while online lottery remains unregulated. In South Africa, online lottery games are completely legal.

Note that, lotto games are illegal in some African countries, making it difficult for players to go full force. That's not to say it's impossible to win the million-dollar prize in those countries.

Can you win huge jackpot prizes playing African online lotteries?

Forget the negative vibes from African countries with unregulated online lotto games. Many popular African online lottery games can win you huge prizes.

We'd like to inform you of possibly the most popular African lottery that offers the largest jackpot prize. Do you want to win this huge jackpot? It's time you bought a ticket to participate in the South African national lottery.

Besides, there are other popular lotteries in South Africa with huge money prizes. For instance, you can buy tickets to play Power ball and the Daily lotto in South Africa. Don't miss out on these jackpot prizes.

Where can you buy online lotto tickets?

We believe that you now have the basic lottery winning tips, few strategies, and the most popular African online lotteries to play. It's time to find out where you can buy lottery tickets to win big money and enormous prizes.

Since we care about safety and great user experience, we'll recommend only the top African online lotteries. First, you need to pay attention and have a keen eye for detail when choosing the best site you can trust.

Keep in mind, you'll be sharing your banking details and other private information. You can't afford to let it fall into bad hands.

For you to select the most trusted and legal site, you have to look at the list we'll provide below. We want you to avoid any issues regarding sharing of information.

Besides, you can check online to read various reviews for these sites to ascertain their legitimacy and safety. Only top picks are available in our list, to help you narrow down on your choices.

It's no secret that the Lotter, are excellent choices if you want to have a great lotto experience online. You can also find them in many African countries.

What are some African online lotteries?

Below are nine games regulated by The South African National Lottery


To play the lotto lottery you have to choose six numbers ranging between 1 and 52, including a bonus number. Players need to match at least three numbers for them to win prizes.

If you happen to match all six numbers correctly, you'll be a lucky winner. The odds for doing so are one in 13,983,816.

Lotto Plus

Since the Lotto Plus is an extension of the Lotto, similar rules, odds, and payout structure apply. That said, it offers players lower prices when compared to the Lotto, but it's an opportunity for Lotto players to win prizes.

Power Ball

A player selects five numbers within a range of 1-45 and a Power Ball number in the range of 1-20. To win the jackpot, you have to match the five numbers with the Power Ball number.

Power Ball Plus

Similar to Lotto Plus, Power Ball Plus is an extension of Power Ball, enabling Power Ball players to increase their chances of winning. While the odds are the same as those of Power Ball, their prizes are usually low.

Sport Stake 13

This game requires players to make correct predictions on 13 pre-determined soccer fixtures to win rewards. First, you have to buy a bet slip, then make your predictions based on home win, draw, or home loss for those fixtures.

Pick 3

The South African National Lottery launched Pick 3 on Dec 3, 2016, as a daily jackpot game. The jackpot prize is R10,000.


This online lottery game features online scratch cards which are compared against slips. The game is based on traditional South African games.

How to claim prize money

Claiming anonymously

When players win money, lottery organizations do not share any details of their winnings. Therefore, winners can claim their money anonymously if that's their preference.

But if winners choose otherwise, and provided written consent, a lottery organization can use their names and photographs to display to the public regarding the jackpot.

The claiming process:

Online lottery winners of prizes of R 50,001 and more are required to submit a complete prize claim form. The prize claim form must be approved by the National Lotteries Commission. Players can claim cash prizes of R 50 and below from the authorized retailer. However, if it's more than that, the authorized retailers can pay you no more than R 2000 in cash. Claims for money prizes ranging between R 2001 and R 50,000 can be made from an authorized prize payment centre. You can contact the prize payment centre through their official website or call their customer care helpline.

Money prizes of more than R 50,000, are paid in cheque and sent directly to the winner or an authorized representative at the National Lottery Office. All these claim cases require players to submit valid state identities and complete claim forms. Those with winnings above R 50,000 can choose to call the ITHUBA helpline for advice on how best to receive their prize money.

However, if you don't want to do that, you can seek advice from your authorized retailer. Your claim form must bear your name and accompany it with the valid ticket. Besides, you should ensure your name matches the one on your identity card.

If your claim form is invalid, ITHUBA, the organisation who organises the lottery, has the right to refuse the process of prize payment.

Players with legal, disability, and physical concerns, can hire an authorized representative to complete and sign the prize claim on their behalf. In this case, the prize claim should bear the full names and identities of the authorized representative. On top, they should provide the reasons why the owner cannot collect the prize in person

Once the prize money has been processed and issued to the claiming authority, any disputes arising will not be helped by the lottery company.

Are lottery receipts necessary?

The lottery receipts hold water-tight proof for a player's participation in a given lottery. Therefore, it's the only instrument that can be considered valid when claiming your lottery winnings. The ITHUBA organization sets a validation process approved by the National Lotteries Commission. The receipts undergo validation before authorization and transfer of lottery prize money.

According to the company's policies, the final decision whether the lottery receipt is valid lies with the ITHUBA organization. Moreover, whatever they decide regarding the winning lottery receipt is final and binding.

Payments shall not be authorized in the following cases

- If the receipt is counterfeit, bears partial or complete forgery, and fails the validation process;
- The control number of the lottery receipt produced during the prize claim does not match that on the company's official receipt of winning lottery tickets;
- If the control number provided during the prize money claim happens to be a number from old draws;
- The receipt issued does not show up on the lottery company's list of those issued for the specific draw. Keep in mind, this information is stored on the ITHUHBA organization's central computer system;
- The receipt produced at the time of claim is not clear, has been tampered with or is incomplete;
- If the authorized retailer did not issue the lottery receipt issued during the prize money claim or is not bought from only authorized websites.

Payment of tax after winning a lottery

South Africa features lotteries which invite various players from different African countries to participate. Furthermore, their lotteries are not taxed and the money players win is tax-exempt. While there may be exceptions to this rule, it helps if players be on the safe side if they check for more details on the National Lotteries Website.

What's clear is that those who win the South African Lotto, Power Ball, or PICK 3 will not pay any money to the tax department from their winnings.

The process of buying a lottery ticket

It's quite an effortless and user-friendly process to buy a lottery ticket online. You don't need much to initiate the process — just from the comfort of your home and a device with an internet connection. Buying a ticket is a green light for winning terrific jackpots and prizes.

Let's look at the process

Opening an account

You have to open a valid lottery account for you to purchase the first ticket. But you must ensure that you are opening an account with a recognised lottery agent to make sure it's the right place to get your ticket.

We already provided our top picks for lotteries which we consider suitable for all Africans. If you're not satisfied, you can read a few reviews about them online to select the most suitable agent for you to open an account with.

We advise you to pick a top-ranking brand. By clicking a button in the row of the brand you'll be redirected to a homepage where you can begin your account opening.

You'll be required to fill in your details such as identity, name, email, age, and so on. All this information is mandatory.

Pick the lottery draw that suits all your needs

The most amazing thing about buying online lottery tickets is the amount of varieties of lottery draws available. There are loads of varieties to pick from and which you choose depends on your preferences, such as jackpot amount and odds. It's also important to read reviews on the top lottery picks to narrow down further on your decision, as well as terms and conditions.

Complete your first purchase of a lottery ticket

After opening your account you might be required to validate it before you can complete the registration process. You'll then make your purchase after picking the lucky numbers of your preferred lottery draw. Besides, you can go over reviews from the various agents to know the expectations once you complete the purchase.

You can pay through various methods including credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Following that procedure, up to purchasing your first ticket means you're now ready to compete in your favourite draw to win a life-changing jackpot.


Africans of different nationalities should take advantage of the African online lotteries mentioned above to win lots of money prizes. We have provided in-depth information to help you enter these draws with confidence. Good luck, and happy playing!

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