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Playing casino games online is a whole lot of fun especially as there are hundreds of different games out there to keep you entertained. One of the biggest iGaming game types is the slots. These games come in a wide range of formats and themes offering some of the most exciting playing options as well as the potential for some massive wins. Slots are particularly enjoyed because they are easy to play, do not require any complex playing strategies and simply involve luck. As such, casinos in Africa are able to offer players a wide range of different options so you're bound to find a game that suits you whether it's through the theme, the jackpot you could win or simply how much it costs for each individual spin. What's also really great about slots is that they are often the focus for a range of different bonus options, which can help you get ahead if you are new to the online gaming world in Africa.

As you play more, you'll find that any online casino worth its salt will offer players some incentives in order to get them to join up. These bonuses come in a range of forms and include deposit bonuses where money you deposit will be matched to a specific amount thus increasing your bankroll. There are also no deposit bonuses that help you get ahead without the need for you to risk your own money. These are less commonly found but will sometimes see an online casino in Africa offering you a small amount of money to use on their games. However, one of the most popular bonus options for both players and casinos alike, are the free spins. These can be found at a wide range of online casino sites in Africa and come with all sorts of player perks. Stick with us as we outline all that you need to know about free spins and how you can enjoy them to the fullest.

What Are Free Spins?

Let's delve right into what free spins are all about. Free spins are one of the best ways to introduce yourself to a new casino, or indeed a new slot game. When you play slot games, you have to spin the reels in order to see if you can line up matching symbols. Lining up these symbols will give you a win resulting in a set payout depending on how much you wagered on that spin. However, for each spin, you have to select that bet amount, so it costs you money to spin the reels. On some spins you might win the bet back, on others you will lose it. However, with free spins you get to spin the reels without having to use your own money - the free spins will essentially pay the bet for you. Many casinos will offer free spins as a bonus for players so that they can experience a new game, or simply test out the casino without the fear of losing money.

What's great about free spins is that you can still win money from using them. Generally, free spins will be set to wager the lowest bet limit available for the specific slot that they are eligible for. This does mean that it's unlikely you will win big, but you can still win something, which makes the whole thing worth it. Normally progressive jackpot games do not usually have free spins attached so you're not going to score those top wins for free either. In light of recent technological developments, free spins are also available if you choose to play at a mobile casino, which means that if you prefer to play while out and about, you're not going to miss out on this fun. In fact, many mobile-only casinos will offer a whole host of exciting free spins deals in the hopes of encouraging you to play new and upcoming slot games as well as simply signing up to join their site.

How to Get Free Spins

There are a number of different ways you can get your hands on free spins. However, you will always have to make an account with the casino that is offering them. This entails inputting your correct name, date of birth and address into their sign-up form. Once that has been completed and the account verified, you'll be able to claim free spins. There are two ways of getting free spins. The first of these is the more commonly found option - deposit free spins. Often these free spins are awarded in conjunction with a match deposit bonus so you will need to have deposited funds into your account. There's often a minimum requirement too if you want to be eligible for them. The good thing with this type of free spin bonus is that you're often awarded a hefty number of spins. This can sometimes be into the hundreds and they are often awarded over a period of days. You might also be able to claim no deposit free spins, but we'll discuss that in detail further down.

- Match deposit free spins are often included in sign-up deals
- Potentially hundreds of free spins to be claimed
- Available on specified slot games
- Wagering requirements and time limits may apply

The Value of Free Spins

Free spins have varying values, but, in fact, cheesy as this may sound, the greatest value free spins have is not a monetary one. Instead, the biggest value that free spins can offer you is purely the experience. That's right. By playing a slot game using free spins you can use the opportunity to see what the slot game has to offer, how it works, what the bonus features are and so much more. In this way you can get a better understanding of it, helping you to be more successful when you do use your own money on a game. Of course, there is the monetary value as well. Generally, as we've mentioned, free spins will use the lowest bet value so you're unlikely to win much. However, you might be gifted with many spins, which means that little wins can build up over time so that you can still walk away with a fairly decent amount in prize money.

- Number of spins offered varies across African casinos
- Free spins are usually played at the lowest bet limit
- Often have a cap on the amount that can be won

Get Free Spins Without Making a Deposit

As well as being able to get free spins via a deposit bonus, there are also ways to get your hands on free spins for no money at all. A no deposit free spins offer is where you simply make a casino account and the free spins will be awarded to you instantly. Often this means the number of spins you'll be given will be a small number, but this still means you get to test out the game in question free of charge, and potentially win some money from playing it too. For these free spins, sometimes they will be awarded to you automatically when you verify your account. At other times you will need to input a bonus code to show the casino that you want the spins - this is usually done during the sign-up process. If you miss putting that code in though, you'll miss out on those spins. So, do check the terms and conditions for the free spins at the casino you are signing up to.

Wagering Requirement for Free Spins

No matter which method you have gained the free spins from, there are generally wagering requirements in place. These requirements are a necessary evil in that they are there to prevent fraudulent activities such as money laundering. What these requirements do is prevent you from withdrawing any winnings instantly from your account. Instead, you will be required to play through the winnings a specific number of times (this depends on the casino), before you can make a withdrawal. These requirements can range from as little as 2x to as much as 70x, so it's important that you check this information out before jumping in to accept the first free spins offer you see. The lower the wagering requirement, the easier it is to meet. For instance, if you've won 10 ZAR using some free spins and the requirement is 20x, you will have to play this through to a total of 200 ZAR before a withdrawal can be processed. Lower wagering requirements are therefore easier to achieve.

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